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Western Wildlife Sculptures

3 Reasons Why Western Wildlife Sculptures are Back in Style

For interior decorating enthusiasts, western wildlife sculptures seem like a thing from the far away past. Why would anyone want to decorate their contemporary Cody WY home with statues of wolves, cowboys, and proud Native American warriors? Here are 3 reasons why modern interior decorators are returning to the Old West for design inspiration.


  • The rebirth of Earth-friendly philosophies. The widespread misuse of our natural resources is a big concern to many. Some are actively attempting to return to a lifestyle that is less stressful on our quickly depleting resources. This sentiment leads many people to seek out artwork that expresses nature themes, such as western wildlife sculptures.

  • The rediscovery of pre-Colombian philosophies. Before the conquistadors took over the area, Native American populations viewed the Earth with reverence and respect. Some modern philosophers are returning to this worldview. Adding wildlife art to their surroundings helps these people connect to life on this planet in a more natural way.

  • Quirky yet contemporary. For some, wildlife sculptures are used as an unexpected focal point. Metal sculptures enhance the clean lines and shiny finishes common in contemporary designs while still standing out.


Find the perfect western wildlife sculptures for your modern home on Tanner Loren's website.

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