Tanner Loren

Of Cody WY.

Born in Cody Wyoming in 1984, Tanner spent his early years working cattle on a ranch owned by his aunt and uncle in Thermopolis Wy.   It was this ranch life that instilled a deep love and respect for the Cowboy and western way of life, which resonate through his bronze sculptures. Tanner was introduced to sculpture at Caleco Foundry in Cody, Wyoming in 2004. Through his fifteen years at the foundry, he worked hand-in-hand with world class artists as a welder and metal chaser.  While working and being mentored by fellow artists he developed a passion for sculpting and began creating his own pieces.   It was here that he developed his own style while getting a glimpse of the behind the scenes details of life as a working artist. Learning the foundry arts became a pivotal point in Loren's career. This experience also gave him the knowledge and confidence to make the move from casting other peoples art, to crafting his own.  Tanner still does all his own foundry work on each of his sculptures.