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Western Bronze Sculptures

3 Unexpected Ways to Display Your Western Bronze Sculptures

Tanner Loren is a local artist in the Cody WY area. His western bronze sculptures depict scenes and symbols that express the Old West ambiance of the area. Here are 3 ways to showcase your Tanner Loren sculpture that will surprise, delight, and inspire all who view it.


  • Place your sculpture outside. Use it to decorate your patio or enhance the look of your flowerbeds. With several sculptures, you can create 3D scenery that tells a unique story as your visitors pass by.

  • Create a shadow box effect by placing a hollow in one of your interior walls. Talk to a construction expert to ensure you choose a wall area that won't compromise the structural integrity of your home. With the addition of LED lighting, your shadow box display will shine like a beacon to your friends and family.

  • Use wall art to reflect the themes in your sculptures. Place them strategically around the room or group items together in one place so viewers can accurately decipher your theme.


Find western bronze sculptures that match your decor and sense of style on Tanner Loren's website today.

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