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Western Bronze Art

How to Use Western Bronze Art in Any Decor

Bring the Old West into your home with western bronze art from Tanner Loren. The Cody WY native draws inspiration from the history, people, and places that make the area unique. Even if you love everything about the Old West, it can be difficult to find a place to display your western-themed artwork. Use these tips to incorporate your bronze art into almost any decorating plan.


  • Make it stand out. If you're afraid your western bronze art won't blend into your room, make it stand out instead. Place the sculpture on a pedestal, use spotlights to highlight the piece, or frame the display with artwork of a similar theme to create a focal point that makes any room more interesting.

  • Match your classic features. Bronze is a naturally lustrous material that almost seems to shine on its own. When added to a room filled with classic elements like wood furniture pieces and muted wall colors, a piece of bronze artwork keeps your room from looking too drab or stuffy.

  • Use the power of nature. Don't limit yourself to the inside of your home. Take your western bronze art outside to your garden, patio, or enclosed porch. Surrounded by houseplants or in a flower bed, these corrosion-resistant pieces make a lovely display that highlights the beauty of the surrounding flora.


Find the western bronze art that fits your personality and home from Tanner Loren. View his online galleries for more Old West inspiration.

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