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Western Art Sculptures

Western Art Sculptures: 3 Reasons Why They're Back in Style

Cowboys may no longer roam the plains on the back of a horse. However, the spirit of that time is still alive. Today, many people are rediscovering the allure of western art sculptures for their residential and commercial spaces. Here are 3 reasons why the Old West is becoming new again.


  • Longing for adventure. The exploration of the Old West was the final frontier for many explorers. After the settlement of North America by European interests, there seemed no place for those with a thirst for adventure to go. With western art sculptures, decorators can relive the excitement of those conquering the wildness of the West.

  • Spiritual expression. A lot of people are returning to an Earth-based worldview. For some, this involves tapping into the spiritual power of animals. Old West standbys like wolves and horses are some of the animals that people relate to spiritually. By bringing the Old West into their homes, these people are inviting their spirit animals to live there as well.

  • Rebelling against over sanitized modern decor. Modern homeowners seem to prefer stainless steel and simple designs that are easy to customize. This lack of personality doesn't fit everyone, however. Some decorators are choosing western art sculptures to counteract bland contemporary decor and bring life into their living spaces.


Western art sculptures can be incorporated into almost any room in your home or commercial setting. Take a look at the artwork of Tanner Loren to find the perfect piece to express your Old West persona.

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