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Gunfighter Series

Trouble in the Air
Danger in the Wind
Western Bronze Sculptures
Bronze Sculptures
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Western Wildlife Sculptures
western Bronze Art
Western Sculptures
Trouble in the Air
Danger in the Wind

Bronze Sculptures

Edition of  24

$3,300 each or

$6,000 for pair

Gunfighter or Gunslinger are the terms most often used today to refer to the dangerous men who gained notoriety for being quick to settle disputes with their guns.

These two Gunfighters can be placed side by side as two friends taking on an unknown enemy, or placed face to face as enemies preparing to duel .  These two sculptures can be purchased individually or as a set.

Note: Tanner is currently working on sculpting more gunfighters for the series, hoping to eventually have 5-6 different types of gunfighters from all walks of the west.

Western Art Sculptures

"Never Run a bluff with a six-gun"

  - Bat Masterson

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