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Bronze Wildlife Sculptures

Bronze Wildlife Sculptures: Wild Style for Your Modern Home

In today's housing market, buyers seem to prefer more modern style homes. Instead of the long porches and separated rooms of past eras, homeowners today prefer open floor plans, plenty of windows, and shiny energy-efficient appliances. Just because you prefer modern conveniences, however, doesn't mean you can't successfully incorporate your love of wildlife into your living space. Here are some ways you can use Tanner Loren bronze wildlife sculptures to express your love of your nature in a modern-style home.


  • Create a custom space for your nature lover. Include your wildlife statue in a collection of house plants to simulate a wild animal in its natural habitat. This tactic produces an artfully sophisticated display that will catch all the right attention.

  • Play with your pets. For families with fur babies, wildlife sculptures make a great addition to your pet corner. Add a wolf statue to your dog's bedding area to help them channel their inner savage in a safe space.

  • Make a menagerie. With several statues, you can recreate scenes from the wild right on your property. Use plants and lighting effects to achieve an eye-catching realistic effect that your visitors won't forget.


Tanner Loren produces wildlife sculptures inspired by the natural setting in his hometown of Cody WY. Take a look at the online gallery to find the perfect match for your modern home.

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