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Tanner     Loren

Welcome to the web site of Tanner Loren, a sculptor of fine Western Bronze. Select from the links above to view more of his works of art.



Photographed here is Loren in front of the final, life sized, clay version of "Work to be Done" with the study size in bronze. The life size version will be finished in bronze and placed May 21st, 2022.

In 2020, the Cody Heritage Museum had a vision. A vision of adding a life size bronze sculpture to their heritage garden. With the specific desire for the statue to be created by a local artist, Tanner Loren was the answer! A year later the contract was signed and the project was under way.

The idea was to represent those hard working pioneers who came in and dug the canals, sowed the fields and built the town. Loren captured this idea with a man and woman who just arrived in the soon to be Cody area, looking out over the vast landscape, shovel and hoe in hand, prepared for the work to be done.

Not only had Loren worked with the Heritage Museum to produce this historic piece, he has developed a fundraising program, as well, to help the dream become reality. There are two smaller versions of the sculpture for sale. 23" Maquette and 9 1/2" Study sizes are available with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Cody Heritage Museum. Purchases are tax deductible and the maquette size limited edition of 14, includes the purchasers name added to a plaque on the base of the life size monument that is to be placed in Historic Downtown Cody Wyoming.

Tanner Loren (b. 1984) is a western artist who works with sculpture.  A story teller at heart, Tanner strives to capture forms that bring life to western, wildlife, and historical sculptures. From Native American, Mountain Men, Cowboys, and Cavalry Soldiers, Tanner's goal is to capture the west and immortalize it in bronze, transporting the viewer back in time. 

     One inspiring aspect of Tanner's bronzes is that he does most of the foundry work on his sculptures.  From the wax chasing, to welding and metal chasing, even the pouring of the 2,200 degree bronze itself.  Tanner is there hands on, working to insure the integrity and quality of each bronze he produces.

      Tanner currently lives and works in Cody Wyoming, the gateway to Yellowstone National Park.  Cody is a town filled with rich western history and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and wildlife, and is a place of great inspiration for Tanner's sculptures.

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