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Western Art Bronze Sculptures 

Tanner Loren: Western Art Bronze Sculptures for

Your Country-Style Life

As a native of Cody WY, Tanner Loren grew up with the desert landscape and wildlife. In his professional life, he chose to use his love of the area to produce western art bronze sculptures that celebrate the unique beauty of his hometown. His extensive collection of artwork includes animals, scenes, and people that evoke a sense of the Old West in our modern world. What can you find on the Tanner Loren website that complements your home's country comfort style?


  • Bronze statues are naturally corrosion-resistant. The lustrous coloring fits well into any collection of decorative items. With figures depicting miners in search of flowing treasures and Native wise men and warriors, you are sure to find a figure that expresses your personality.

  • Tanner Loren's wildlife statues let you bring the local fauna safely into your home. Leaping fish, swooning swans, and majestic foxes are just a few of the fantastic creatures you can find. These creatures will be right at home in your country-themed space.

  • Native American culture is an essential part of the flavor in Cody WY. Tanner Loren recreates proud warriors and medicine men that will inspire visitors and serve as a constant reminder of our inherent responsibilities to the lands on which we live.


Add some Old West flair to your country kitchen with western art bronze sculptures from Tanner Loren.

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